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Learn ways to take the marriage or relationship you have and make it the one you both want.
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There is usually more hope than couples think -- IF they are at least somewhat willing to do the work.
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Marriage and relationships require you to learn, practice and develop the skills and tools of connection, repair, intimacy and relational intelligence.
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Increasing feelings of closeness and aliveness, rebuilding romance, fun, laughter and joy are just as important as resolving conflict.
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contact orlando marriage counselorI am doing both in-person marriage counseling sessions, couples coaching sessions and workshops.  Sessions and workshops are also available online by Zoom. Contact me for questions or to schedule an appointment.


Take the marriage / relationship you have and make it more of what you both want!

Marriage, partnerships and relationships of all kinds create the fabric of our lives.  Our most important relationships bring us the greatest joy and sometimes, the deepest pain. Good marriage counseling or coaching can give you tools and skills to help you transform those painful places into opportunities to actually deepen your connection. Otherwise, they can drive you further and further apart.

People long for happiness in their marriage or partnership.  When you fell in love you both saw some of the best of your spouse, the essence of who they are.  Back then you brought out some of the best in each other.  You laughed, you had fun, you felt connected. You treasured each other.  What do you long for most at this point in your marriage or partnership?  What kinds of marriage do you long for at this point in your life together?

It's easy for things to go downhill almost without realizing it's happening at first.  There are life stresses. The spiral of disconnection might appear in the form of communication problems, inability to resolve conflicts, arguments, withdrawal, decline in sexual intimacy and emotional intimacy, lack of laughter and fun, criticism, boredom, lack of aliveness in the marriage, little things suddenly escalate into major fights, a betrayal of some kind, or other patterns that add to the distress -- even if you don't mean to.

Every marriage or love relationship will have some conflict and disconnection. Conflicts and disconnects, big or small, invite you to increase your relational intelligence and create more of what you both want. Mistakes, unhappiness, or obstacles can teach you some of your most important life lessons – whether or not you want to learn them!

Through marriage counseling, relationship coaching or couples workshops, I help couples repair and enrich their marriage, deepen their emotional intimacy (which helps deepen sexual intimacy). I teach and coach couples how to improve communication AND build or deepen connection.

Have you ever felt like you seem to have almost the same fight, over and over, no matter what words or behavior starts it?  There is a reason!  The good news is that you don't have to talk about every frustration you've ever had that has brought you to where you are.  Talking about it in a different way at a different level can help you address those 1 or 2 things that fuel almost all the other frustrations.

You will learn effectively work with conflict at its roots where it tends to stay stuck. Unintentional slights, frustrations, misunderstandings can actually be part of deepening connection when you know how to work with them.  I also teach YOU to continue using tools and skills on your own for a lifetime. 


There is usually WAY more hope for marriages and relationships than couples think -- IF they are willing to learn a few new skills.

Google reports show that 470,000 people look for websites about marriage or couples counseling every month! Many of those people are probably a lot like you. They value their marriage, family and/or partnership. They long to feel close, connected and loving as they once did. But most will never do anything beyond a search on Google!

Most couples try to fix their relationship on their own, but when it doesn't work, they slide into hopelessness. Some people begin to doubt that marriage counseling or a couples workshop COULD help them.

Take your next step to get help now. Invite your spouse or partner to invest in your marriage or relationship by getting some help for both of you to build the marriage or relationship you both long for.

Seek help from a relationship and marriage counseling specialist:

I have worked in general counseling earlier in my career. However, for over 25 years, I have specialized exclusively in couples' and marriage counseling and workshops. Couple's counseling is not just one of 20 things I do. I am a marriage and relationship specialist. If people have a heart problem, they go to a cardiologist who specializes in the heart -- not just their general practitioner who does some of everything. Couples carry deep pain in their hearts when they live together disconnected and feeling alone, misunderstood, unloved, disrespected, or unimportant. That deserves specialized help for healing and growth.

There is almost always hope for your marriage -- even if it doesn't feel like it:

I can tell you from seeing countless couples in all stages of marriage difficulties, that couples usually find that their relationship DOES have hope -- even if they believe it is hopeless. It takes effort by both spouses or partners. It's not magic. But couples can learn how to prevent more disconnection or hurt (which often happens untentionally), learn how to re-connect in reliable ways when disconnects, hurts, and ruptures happen, and build more connection and joy.

If just ONE of you thinks you need couples' counseling, you DO!

Pay attention if your spouse or partner suggests that you need to get some help for your marriage or relationship. If either of you brush off or demean your partner’s desire for help, you will multiply your problems. In addition to your issues, your partner will likely believe that you don't care about the marriage, or worse, that you don't care about him or her!  That might not be true at all for you, but it comes across that way to the person whose concern has been dismissed or minimized. 

If you have fears or concerns about counseling or coaching, tell your partner that you want to improve your marriage too, but that you have concerns. Ask a counselor about them in your first meeting and THEN decide if you want to return to work with that person. (You may want to check out the blog article and a video on understanding and encouraging a reluctant spouse or partner to come for a session of couple's counseling.

Marriage counseling, relationship coaching, couples workshops, or books don't magically make your problems disappear. But if you have the courage to learn and experiment with new information and tools, you might be pleasantly surprised that you CAN co-create so much more of what you both want! 

Who can benefit from our relationship / marriage counseling/coaching and couples workshops?

The Relationship Learning Center specializes in marriage and relationship counseling/coaching, couples' workshops, and courses for couples and individuals to help you:

When you are ready to take your next step to get help for your most important relationship, beyond your Google search, email me.  You may also leave a message at my office, but if you email me, I can respond much quicker to email -- even if we need to schedule a time to talk by telephone before we meet.

Dawn Lipthrott LCSW counselor    contact orlando marriage counselor

I am located in Winter Park, Florida -- a community in the Orlando, FL area.

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