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• Marriage, Relationships & Imago Relationship Therapy

10 Tips for Better Marriage or Relationship
how to have a happy marriage

Things you can start doing right now to create a better marriage or relationship.
Using a structured process to talk about important things, especially touchy issues or conflict, can help you reduce reactivity, understand each other better, and ultimately create win-win strategies. Good communication about conflict and other important topics builds connection and intimacy in a marriage or relationship. Here you will find some of the basic steps and tips for using the Intentional Dialogue developed by Harville Hendrix,, Ph.D. Some couples need coaching or counseling to do the process most effectively.
People get scared when the 'in-love' feelings fade and conflict or disconnection become more common than fun and romance. You wonder what happened to the person you married or committed to. You wonder what is happening to your marriage or relationship, but you know you don't want to keep living that way. Understanding the stages of relationship can help you navigate your way to building more of what you both want.
Affairs are devastating to a marriage or committed relationship. They can be a wake-up call and couples can move forward. This is the first in a series of articles and addresses some causes of affairs. Some resources are also listed.

 60 Tips for Having An Affair --with your own Spouse or Partner

Say goodbye to boredom, stagnation and the blahs in your marriage or partnership. Jump start some fun and romance! Better, use these ideas to jumpstart your OWN creativity!

What IS Imago Relationship Therapy?

Imago Relationship Therapy is a powerful and effective method of the latest marriage and relationship information and tools that can transform your marriage or partnership and transform your life. (See also the articles listed below for Mental Health Professionals)
Contempt poisons you, and it poisons your relationship. Of the 4 behaviors that are most damaging to a marriage or relationship, contempt is one of the worst. The leading marriage and relationship researcher, John Gottman, PhD, found that a pattern of contempt is one of the biggest predictors of divorce -- IF you don't work hard to shift the pattern. This article also gives you some suggestions for shifting the attitude and pattern.
Little things can go a long way in staying connected in long distance relationships or marriages where one spouse travels. Start now to add to what you are already doing to keep your marriage or relationship alive and vibrant.
While you cannot make anyone do anything they don't want to, there are things that you can do to increase your chance of success and to make it safer for your partner to try marriage or relationship counseling. How you do it can be the key. If it comes with blame or criticism, you will get more resistance.
Common questions that we hear on communicating, men and feelings,and more.
 Repairing the World
peace in world
Use this dialogue form to explore world issues in a respectful way.
Intentional Living

A new section of our website about ways to implement and expand intentionality in our lives and in the world. Includes statement on What IS Relationship?

Ethical Responsibilities in E-Mail: Creating and Forwarding E-mails
emailetiquette responsibility

We all have moral responsibilities in what we say and what we pass on through e-mail, chain mails, etc. Some examples of what NOT to do and suggestions of how to be more conscious about what YOU are creating in the world.

Archived Editions of Successful Relationships
at Home & Work : An Occasional Newsletter

• A Relationship Gift
Your Relationship Vision,
Pt. 1 Case Scenario,
Pt. 2 The Introvert & Extrovert Dilemma at Home & Work,
The Blame Game & Contribution
Assumptions: The Silence that Deafens

Intentional Dialogue CD Set

A 2-CD set by Dawn that helps you become better at doing the Intentional Dialogue created by Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt. It discusses the responsibilities of both the speaker and the listener and the actual steps of the dialogue process.


• Contempt: Relationship Poison and 3 Tips to Change It
• We Need More Civility in ALL Our Relationships
• Affairs and Betrayals of Trust are NOT OK
• What World Do We Create with Our Words?
• A Man, His Mother, His Wife: In-law Conflict
• Blue Zone Longevity Lessons for Relationships
• Do You Need Marriage/Relationship Help?
• Is Your Spouse/Partner 'Passive-Aggressive'
• Good Old-Fashioned Honesty
• Garbage in Your Relationship Spaces
• The Price of Excess
• Living 'La Vita Dolce' (The Sweet Life)
• Madoff-Failure in Empathy
• What REALLY Matters?
• Identity Issues
• The Sensitive Web of Relationships
• A Few Lessons from a Life Fully Lived - Peggy Redding
• Acknowledgement - A Human Need
• Relationship Lessons from Obama's Cairo Speech to Muslims
• Live Each Day

• Purpose of this Blog


Empowering Couples and
Healing the World
Imago Relationship Therapy, developed by Harville Hendrix Ph.D. helps couples learn skills to create a climate of safety, healing, and growth for both partners.

How Does Imago Relationship Therapy Differ From Other Marriage / Relationship Enrichment Programs?

Marriage programs are a dime a dozen. How does Imago Relationship Therapy fit in?

Imago Relationship Therapy -- Theoretical Foundation & Support

Basic assumptions of Imago Relationship Therapy are listed and references to other foundational theories support the thinking in Imago therapy.

Imago Relationship Therapy -- Parallels in Object Relations Theory

Basic assumptions of Imago Relationship Therapy are explored through the framework of Object Relations theory.

Marriage Encounter and Imago Relationship Therapy

 How they are similar and how they are different.

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