"We help you take the relationship you have and make it the one you want."

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Pre-marital Prep Course
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About Dawn Lipthrott, LCSW

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Dawn J. Lipthrott, LCSW
Relationship Learning Ctr.
1177 Louisiana Ave. Ste. 109
Winter Park, FL 32789

(part of Orlando area)

Tel & Fax: 407-740-7763






I seek to provide effective, up-to-date information, tools and skills to empower clients, workshop attendees, and others to create the marriage / relationship and the life they want for themselves and those they love.

I seek to co-create a better world for all people by empowering clients, workshop attendees and others (including people who find this website) to live and relate in more conscious and intentional ways that in turn empower others.

I seek to implement this information and tools in groups and society to co-create more ethical institutions and society as a whole, one relationship at a time (and sometimes more!).


I believe that usually there is much more hope for relationships than you might think!

I expect you to participate fully in sessions and do specific assignments between sessions.

I expect you to make counseling / coaching and the goals you are working on a top priority.

I expect you to commit to taking specific steps between sessions toward your next level of success, including any work I give you to do between sessions,

I expect you to be open and willing to try new ways of acting that may feel awkward at first because they require you to step outside your current comfort zone. If you wait for everything to feel 'natural', you will never change behavior.

I expect you to commit to love and live more consciously and intentionally, and to work to create emotional safety for your partner (I will explain what that is, how to do it and why it is so important

I expect you to have the ability and willingness to look at yourself honestly, to notice patterns of behavior that no longer work toward your relational success, and to take personal responsibility for transformation.

I expect you to commit to sticking with your new blueprint for relational improvement in spite of the natural ups and downs of any journey to healing and growth.

I expect you to value your own integrity and values enough to live more aligned with them in your daily life and in your relationships as best as you can. None of us do it perfectly, but continuing to come back to the kind of person and partner we want to be can help us get back on track.

I expect you to commit to resolving any possible dissatisfactions or concerns with me in your counseling relationship in a conscious and intentional manner .

I believe you have the personal power and inner resources to be successful and that my job is to provide coaching and counseling to help you make the most of your potential. Using your own values and vision for what you want to create will be part of your roadmap to a different future.

I believe that empowering people to live and relate more consciously and intentionally can help create a better world for all people.

In order to achieve those 3 goals and the goals you want, I make the following commitments:

I strive to accurately understand your needs and exceed your expectations by delivering specific skills, tools, suggestions and information to empower you to effectively achieve your marriage/relationship goals.

I commit to giving at least 100% on your behalf and expect you to do the same.

I convey my care and concern for each of you, while holding you accountable for your relationship work. I stay focused on your goals to help you achieve the success they want in their lives and their relationships.

I continually seek to learn from the latest research and methods to effectively help marriages and relationships.

I encourage you to look at your own deepest values, your vision, and work to help you implement that in your relationships and in the world.


I treat clients, staff, colleagues, workshop participants and any person who I encounter with honesty and integrity.

I have the utmost respect for your personal and / or spiritual values and my work actually encourages you to live with integrity to the values you cherish.

I value your empowerment as my client and as a person, instead of making you dependent upon me, or viewing you as being 'sick'. I teach you the tools I know can empower you to direct your life and relationships toward even greater success, long after you finish your initial work with us. I also know that addressing the roots that fuel conflict and disconnection are key to helping you succeed with changing the quality of your marriage or relationship.

My work with you is oriented toward effective action and results. I use models of change that I believe are not only time and cost effective, but that can produce deep and lasting change if implemented.

I value creativity, excellence and a commitment to using the most advanced tools and information that I can to help you get your best results.

I believe in "practicing what I preach" and am committed to using in my personal and professional lives the information and tools I teach to my clients and workshop participants.


I commit to a continual process of ongoing education and self-development as an individual, as a professional, and as an organization in order to best serve clients, program participants and the world.

I commit to finding ways to improve services and materials for clients and participants.

• I welcome your suggestions and implement those as I can. I also welcome dialogue about any concerns or frustrations you have in our work together.


I will not make ethical compromises in pursuit of these goals.

As part of my commitment to act ethically, I will seek the best possible results in the shortest amount of time that we feel is necessary for you to implement your plan for success. I expect you to work with me toward that goal.

I welcome your constructive comments and suggestions about the material on this website and how we can all be most effective in co-creating the kind of relationships and world that is honoring and respectful for all people.
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