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Dawn J. Lipthrott, LCSW
Relationship Learning Ctr.
1177 Louisiana Ave. Ste. 109
Winter Park, FL 32789

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Tel & Fax: 407-740-7763




“Dawn is the Michael Jordan of relationship therapy.”
Man -- married 10 years


“What can I say -- you've brought order to our chaos. I love it. Thank you SO much!”


“We had a very different conversation about something we've talked about 100 times -- and came to a whole new place together.;
Man in partnership 12 years


“We had been to 5 prior seminars or therapists. This workshop was a breakthrough for us. Thank you for a life changing experience!”
Man married 13 years


“What a dynamic workshop! It will push you to open your eyes and heart without being threatening -- a must for all couples wanting to grow in their relationship.”


“Thank you for helping me communicate in a way that I never have before. I understand myself and my wife in a whole new way.”Man, married 6 years



“Exceptionally clear, insightful. Powerful tools for any couple.
Therapist L

“This short weekend was so worth our time and money. We left with tools that I know both of us can and will use to make our marriage more of a fun and caring partnership.”
Vickie, married


“I liked the safe, non-threatening environment in which we could learn and practice new ways of being together.”
Man, married 10 years


“Dawn is safe, caring, articulate and interesting. She is a wonderful example of committed, loving, relationship. ”
Woman in partnership 4 years


“An eye-opener! I learned things about myself and now have tools to go create the marriage I want. ”
Man, engaged


“The Imago model is a vehicle that can get us to the destination of healthy relationships and self-healing. It changed me and my partner. ”
Therapist in partnership 2 years


“After having been to other workshops, this one really hits on the real issues in a couples life. I definitely recommend it to all who want to improve, keep or start your relationship with your signficant other.”
Man married 17 years


“"Going to this workshop breathes new life into our marriage and gives us the opportunity to grow by stepping outside our own world and into the world of our partner in order to understand and appreciate each other. ”
Therapist, married 17 years


“This opened the opportunity for success. It made me feel hopeful when I thought I was past hope. ”
Woman in partnership 6 years

Get personal guidance and coaching in learning the skills and tools.

Do deeper work.

Make it work for your schedule.

Register Here for a Getting the Love You Want workshop
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What is a private Getting the Love You Want workshop?

This is an exclusive private workshop of 2 full days working directly with Dawn Lipthrott, LCSW in her office in a combination of workshop and counseling/coaching. As both a certified Imago Therapist for 20 years and a certified Imago workshop presenter for over 12 years, Dawn brings the best of both worlds to you in this unique opportunity.

• What are the primary benefits of a private workshop?
• What do I miss out on from the group workshop?
• What else will I receive in a private workshop?
• Does the private workshop take the same amount of time as a group workshop?
• Does the private workshop have to be on a weekend?
• How much is the private workshop?
• Where can I stay near your office?
• How do I schedule a private workshop?

(See our Counseling Services page for information on regular counseling, extended or intensive counseling sessions for those who live out of town. or one day intensives.)

What are the primary benefits of a private Getting the Love You Want workshop?

One on one (with the couple) counseling/coaching with Dawn for each of the tools and skills.
This usually allows you to work at a deeper level because she is helping you. The other important benefit is that you have flexibility in scheduling.

• After the workshop suggestions tailored for you.She will send you some of the notes and items we identify in the workshop as well as your next steps based on your situation and the work you completed in the private workshop.

• Flexibility in scheduling.
Sometimes the regular group workshop dates do not work for a couple and they have to wait too long. Sometimes a person might work on Saturday, or have religious concerns about attending on a Saturday. Sometimes a regular workshop happens to fall on a weekend for which you have a prior commitment. With a private workshop we find days that work for you. Most couples schedule two full days together. They can be weekdays, weekends, or a Friday/Saturday, or Sunday/MOnday. Some couples have scheduled one full day, a half day for the second day with time in the afternoon to practice some of the skills they are learning, and then come back for a half day the following morning. They have liked having the opportunity to practice and see where they might need some additional help before we finish the workshop. One couple had some health issues, so we did one full day, skipped one day, and resumed the third day for a full day.

• Complete privacy
Sometimes couples are reluctant to attend a regular workshop because they are afraid someone might know or recognize them. This way your privacy is completely respected.

What do I miss out on from the group Getting the Love You Want workshop?

The focus is on you working with your partner in the group workshop as well as the private workshop, so except for breaks, you do not have the opportunity to interact with other couples. However, in a group workshop you do hear the questions and comments of other couples which help you know that you and your issues in your marriage or relationship may not be as unique as you think. It can be encouraging to hear through comments that other couples go through many similar issues.

There are a few presentations that I do in the regular workshop, that I do not do in the private workshop. Instead, I weave that material into my instructions as we work together.

In the regular workshop, I have couples do some of the written parts in the workbook. In the private workshop I do less because I spend the time working with you and some of that you can do at home after the workshop.

What else will I receive in a private Getting the Love You Want workshop?

• In the private workshop you receive a summary of our work together and suggestions for your next steps specific to your situation. In the regular workshop I tell the group general next steps to help couples continue the work on their own.

• You will also receive the same materials and after workshop benefits as those who attend the regular workshop, including:

• Workbook from Imago Relationships International for each of you.
• Folder of additional handouts from Dawn with guidesheets for some of the tools/skills.
• Both regular workshop and private workshop attendees are welcome to come back to a regular workshop for free as a refresher.

Does the private workshop take the same amount of time as a group workshop?

Yes and no. A regular group workshop starts on Friday night for 2 hours and continues all day Saturday and Sunday. The private workshop does not need the extra 2 hours because you are just one couple. Breaks tend to be shorter and in the group workshop, I have to take time to demonstrate a skill/tool with a couple in front of the room, process it and then send couples off to try it on their own. In the private workshop, I am coaching you instead of demonstrating it, so we save time on every skill.

Does the private workshop have to be on a weekend?

No. Some couples prefer a weekend. Some will schedule a Friday/Saturday or a Sunday/Monday, and still others will schedule their workshop on regular weekdays.

How much is the private workshop?

The private workshop is currently $1350 for the couples. Meals and hotel are on your own.

Where can I stay near your office?

When you register, I will give you a list of hotels within 5-10 minutes from my office. There are plenty of restaurants nearby.

How do I schedule a private workshop?

The best way to reach me is by email because I can usually get back to you much more quickly. If you leave a message on my voicemail, please ask any questions you have and if you know a general time frame, days of the week that work best, please leave that as well. That way, if I call you back and get your voicemail, I can leave answers and we can progress!

Once we have decided on a date, you register online on the secure part of my website:
In the first pulldown menu "Select the Date of the Workshop", you select "Private Workshop"

See also counseling and extended counseling (intensives) options in our section on Services.

Decide what's important to you and then find the right resource, whether it is this workshop or something else. Don't let your relationship continue to decline by inaction! If you are just starting out, don't deprive yourselves of gaining tools that can help you continue deepening your connection and working successfully through challenges to build a stronger marriage or partnership.

Register Here (secure server)

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