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intentional-dialogue-CD-imagopaypal for Imago dialogue CD

This 2-CD set takes you through the preparation and steps for Intentional Dialogue as developed by Harville Hendrix, PhD and Helen LaKelly Hunt, PhD. See the information below for a description of who might benefit, what the tape covers, and other resources related to forms of Intentional Dialogue. Click here to order CD set.

See Article on the Intentional Dialogue


Who is it for?

  • Anyone who wants to communicate more effectively about conflict and is willing to practice new skills
  • Anyone who want to both communicate AND be heard and understood about anything important
  • It is IDEAL for anyone who has been to a Getting the Love You Want workshop or has done even a little work with the dialogue skill either with a counselor or in a seminar
  • People who have worked with the dialogue, but want to take it to the next level
  • Therapists who have read Short Term Couples Therapy: The Imago Model in Action by Wade Luquet and want to begin to implement this foundational skill with their clients
  • Therapists recently trained in Imago Relationship Therapy. There are pointers that can help experienced Imago Relationship Therapists too!
  • It is for people who have read the article on Dialogue on this Web site (click here for articles on relationships), or have experienced or read anything about the work of Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt (Getting the Love You Want, Imago Relationship Therapy, etc.) or Pat Love (Hot Monogamy) and want to learn the dialogue process through explanation, tips, suggestions, and examples. (Click here for a list of books by Harville and Helen or Pat that you can order through our partnership with

What will you learn?

• A brief explanation about the purpose and benefits of intentional dialogue

• Common objections and frustrations from people beginning to practice the process

• Common mistakes that people make--many seem insignificant, but make a huge difference!

• Responsibilities of both the Sender and Receiver

• How to intentionally prepare oneself either as a Sender or Receiver

• Specific steps of the Dialogue--for the Sender and Receiver--with suggestions of how to do them more successfully and effectively

• Additional steps such as Owning and Teaching which can deepen and enrich the dialogue


Imago dialogue CD downloadpaypal for Imago dialogue CD

To order more books related to these topics through, click here.

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