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 I do both in-person workshops and also offer online Imago workshops with Zoom. Let me know if you have any questions!

Getting the Love You Want Couples' Workshop

A couples marriage workshop is a way to learn powerful and practical tools fo build a stronger marriage or relationship -- whether you simply want to make a good marriage better or are in a place of frustration or feeling stuck or disconnected.

Have you ever felt or experienced any of these things -- or similar ones?

Communication problems or differences in style that lead to misunderstanding or disconnection.

Seemingly little things turn into arguments.

You sometimes feel alone in your marriage -- as if you didn't have a partner.

You feel unappreciated, or not truly valued.

You feel like no matter what you do, it's never enough; what you need or feel doesn't matter; or you can never count on anyone to really 'be there' for you, etc.

Physical or sexual intimacy has diminished or fizzled out.

One or both of you stopped nurturing the marriage. Doing those little thoughtful things, or showing or expressing your love and treasuring of your spouse.

The joy or aliveness seems to be gone.

You long for something deeper in your relationship.

You long for a previous time together, when conversation was easy and meaningful, where each of you thought of ways to show how much you loved each other, when you shared dreams for your life, when you could never imagine life without this person by your side. You might remember how you felt like he or she just 'got' you -- that they understood you more deeply than anyone ever had. You might remember fun times, adventures, playfulness, surprises, laughter. Some of those things, or other important parts of your connection seem to have gotten lost.

You might wonder if you can repair the disconnect -- re-kindle your loving connection, grow it, nurture it, deepen understanding . . . if you can find or create joy and peace again in your marriage . . . if you can come again to that place of feeling so loved and cherished and knowing you can work together through anything.

The path forward is not a magic wand, and it takes new information, tools, and effort to implement it and shift things toward more of what you both want and long for. But for most couples, it IS possible -- even when they think it's not.

A couples workshop, combined with a willingness to implement what you learn for 3 months, can help you both deepen emotional intimacy, start moving forward again and give you information, skills and tools to continue to build together that marriage or relationship you both long for deep in your hearts. Don't put it off anymore. Your marriage or relationship is too precious to let slide downhill any more.

You can take your marriage or relationship

From this . . . . .

unhappy marriage couples retreat    

To this. . . . .

happy couples marriage workshop couple

Spend a weekend to learn research-based tools to:

Re-kindle passion for each other
• Discover the root causes of your frustrations and upsets to take more effective action to prevent and repair them
• Learn tools to communicate in ways that lead to deeper understanding and connection, yet still respects differences
• Learn how to meet the needs and concerns of BOTH of you instead of creating win-lose situations
• Bring back fun & romance
• Create a blueprint to help you co-create the marriage/relationship you both really want
• Deepen emotional and sexual intimacy
• Meet each other's needs without giving up your own
• Express your love in ways that hit the target
• Re-cultivate true friendship
• Build a strong sense of US -- of partnership
• Give the best gift possible to your children and to yourselves -- a happier, thriving marriage or relationship!

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The Couples Workshop:

The weekend Getting the Love You Want workshop for marriage or relationships, developed by Harville Hendrix, Ph.D.Harville is the author of the best-selling book, Getting the Love You Want.and a weekend relationship and marriage workshop by the same name. Hendrix developed the research-based approach to couple's counseling, Imago Relationship Therapy. (Oprah credits him with saving her own relationship and had him on her show over 15 times.) Imago therapy takes the guesswork out of making your relationship more satisfying and fulfilling for both of you.

If your first reaction is "I can't afford it!", I would invite to also ask yourself, "Can we afford NOT to attend?" Then, make your choice, whether it is a workshop or counseling with me or some other therapist.. Your marriage or relationship is too precious to let it slip further and further downhill.
All couples are welcome.

Private couple workshops-- with you, your partner and Dawn -- are available.

Read what some workshop attendees say about the workshop with Dawn.

  • TIMES🔻

  • • In normal in-person workshops we start Saturday
    we start at 8:30am sharp and begin laying the foundation.
    We break for lunch, usually for 1.5 hours. We then continue until 6:00pm more or less.
    • Sunday
    is from 8:30am to approximately 5:30pm with a break for lunch.
    • FORMAT🔻

    • • IN-PERSON:
      The format includes presentations, demonstrations of skills, work with your own partner using the skills, 2 guided imageries, and a few short list activities in your workbook. Breaks are given throughout the day and we break for lunch. You work with your own spouse or partner and you do not have to share anything with other people
      I limit my workshops to a maximum of 4 couples so early registration can hold your place.

      • PRIVATE:   Private couple workshops are also available in person or online. Click here to find out the difference.

      • Click here here for ONLINE workshop format

      • FEE🔻

      • Workshop fee for in-person couple's workshop is $745. Early bird discount fee for in-person workshop: $695 if you register 2 or more weeks before the workshop.The workshop fee does not include hotel or meals. • Workshop fee for the online workshop is $695 per couple.
        • Private workshop information
        • ADDED VALUE🔻

        • • Area on website for workshop graduates
          with examples of skills and other handouts.
          • Follow-up emails to give you tips, suggestions and resources to continue working on your own.
          • I am also working on other ways to help couples integrate what they learn during the weekend
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