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Various Theories & Therapies
Big Lists of Mental Health Links
Other Resources

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Coping and Personal Growth Articles


Imago Relationship Therapy : This is the international website, but also look in the Relationship Articles section of our website for information.

NLP Links

Beck Institute of Cognitive Therapy

Gestalt Therapy

Re-evaluation Counseling: Peer counseling program. Text of The Human Side of Human Beings.


Self-Help and Psychology Magazine: Articles and links.

Megalist of Psychology Related Links

Magic Stream of Mental Health and Emotional Wellness

Psych Web

Behavior On-line

Psych Central: Dr. John Grohol's Mental Health Page: Articles, links, mailing lists.

Internet Mental Health


Suicide Awareness-Voices of Education What to do if someone you know might be suicidal, misconceptions about suicide, help for those who have lost someone to suicide.

Self Growth Physical, Intellectual and Spiritual Self Improvement , Personal Growth and Human Enhancement(See our Complete List of Self Improvement Topics.

Resources for Success! Dr Philip Humbert is a Coach who delights in helping you achieve your goals, and live the life you really want! He publishes a free weekly newsletter, and you can get a wonderful free motivational screensaver by visiting his website.

Mind Tools Stress Management Pages
(Also see our stress reduction tips by
clicking here!)

Kiersey Temperament / Jungian Personality Test An on-line test you can submit for scoring that will give you your "type". Explanation of types can be found at Personality.

Growth House: Resources for grieving, caring for the dying, dealing with major illness and more.

The Option Institute: A non-profit learning center with books & articles on-line about attitude, beliefs, happiness, etc.. See the Library section for a list of articles.


Journal of Consciousness E-Seminars: Scholarly articles and responses re: research and the nature of consciousness.

More link resources:
Personal Growth & Breakup of Relationship
More on World Relationships



Psychotherapy Finances Newsletter

Psychotherapy Networker


NASW: Page of the National Association of Social Workers.

Information for Social Work Practice: Excellent database for association links for a wide variety of mental health professionals, journals, articles, research and much more

Clinical Social Work Association

American Psychological Association

Canadian Psychological Assn:

National Counselors Assn

Code of Ethics: American Psychological Assn.

Board of Clinical Social Work, Mental Health Counseling and Marriage & Family Therapy in Florida

AAMFT Code of Ethics

Imago Relationships International :
You can get info on Certified Imago mental health professionals in your area, and other resources from the international office.

SWAN : Social Work Access Network--resources on the Web.



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