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Marriage & Partnerships
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World Relationships

Marriage & Partnership

SmartMarriages: Articles related to marriage education. Although focused on marriage, some articles are useful for other forms of committed partnership.


GAY & LESBIAN RELATIONSHIPS (see also section under our list of Spirituality Resources)

Institute for Personal Growth
This is a list of publications, most related to gay, lesbian and bisexual relationships. The information is solid. I refer people to this often.


The Path to Wholeness: Imago Relationship Therapy as a Means to Help Couples Heal & Grow by Master Trainer, Maya Kollman, MA. Good overview about the assumptions and potential of this approach.

These two articles focus on the relational dimensions of leadership.
Connective Leadership: A New Pradigm (Reprint from Drucker Magazine) by Jean Lipman-Blumen
Connective Leadership: Female Leadership Styles in the 21st-Century Workplace by Jean Lipman-Blumen (reprint from Sociological Perspectives)

Articles on David Bohm's Dialogue:
Dialogue-A Proposal
by Bohm, Factor & Garrett A different, but valuable approach to dialogue.

National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation (NCDD) IA network of people and groups who promote and study high quality conversations. Info, tips, tools and resources on organizing dialogues and moving dialogue groups from talk to effective action.

The Forgiveness Web Article

Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance


Articles on this site by Dawn Lipthrott, LCSW on Imago Therapy

What IS Imago Relationship Therapy?

Empowering Couples and Healing the World

How Does Imago Relationship Therapy Differ From Other Marriage / Relationship Enrichment Programs?

Imago Relationship Therapy -- Theoretical Foundation & Support

Imago Relationship Therapy -- Parallels in Object Relations Theory

Marriage Encounter and Imago Relationship Therapy

Articles by other Imago Therapists:

Imago Therapy as a Means to Help Couples Heal & Grow by Maya Kollman, MA
Maya is a Master Trainer in Imago Relationship Therapy in Princeton. If you are a mental health professional (or a certified Imago Therapist), check out her training opportunities.

Articles by Leo & Peggy Dhont : Some nice articles on listening, connection and more.

Al Turtle's Couples Counseling Articles Comprehensive articles on many aspects of loving relationships.


Public Conversations Project Resources on Dialogue (FREE downloads of dialogue guides)
Fostering Dialogue Across Divides
Promoviendo el dialogo a pesar de las diferencias

Constructive Conversations about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Constructive Conversations about Challenging Times

Reaching out across the Red/Blue Divide, One Person at a Time




More link resources:
Personal Growth & Breakup of Relationship
More on World Relationships

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