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• Nourishing Spirit
The articles in this section will represent a variety of viewpoints. Some may be from specific religious traditions. Others will be about encountering the Divine through nature and other experiences.
A Celebration of Beauty
By Maria M. Perez-Boudet, Ph.D. An experience of the beauty of nature, the gift of the unexpected in life, and the futility of demanding perfection.
Massage as a Path to Wholeness A start at exploring the value of massage to re-center one's self, and reconnect with direct experience and with the Divine which is the context of our being.
The Second Journey Developed by Fr. Ed Zogby, S.J.. Crises and difficulties in life are gifts that open doors to true freedom and authenticity. Outline of the 5 major steps of that transformation.
Shabbat: A Taste of Wholeness Info on the book from which the excerpts below were taken. Contents and ordering information.

Part 1: Shabbat: Day of Kavannah (Mindfulness)

By Dawn Lipthrott. Shabbat can be a way to live more consciously, and mindfully. This article is about living intentionally and about Sabbath rest. Excerpt from the book .

Part 2: Shabbat: Creating Boundaries and Holding:

By Dawn Lipthrott. Part of living with mindfulness is also about creating boundaries and the freedom they bring. Shabbat is both about holding one's self within boundaries and also about being held in the Divine. Excerpt from the book .

Part 3: Shabbat: Essence, Homecoming, and the Present Moment

By Dawn Lipthrott. Shabbat reconnects us with our core, our essence, and empowers us to live more from that core in our daily life. It gives us practice in looking with new eyes and discovering the Divine hidden in the world. Excerpt from book..
Spiritual Experience: What if I Don't 'Feel' Spiritual? By Dawn Lipthrott. There is no place that God is not. Attention makes things and people present to us. It takes intentionality (kavannah). Excerpt from book.

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